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The wooden tipi tent by Viga PolarB is made of the highest quality materials. This guarantees fun for many years. The construction of the tent consists of poles made of wood and breathable cotton canvas. The tent will find its use in the garden, on the terrace, on the beach or at home. Its assembly and disassembly takes only a few minutes. ..
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A set of 24 coloured blocks by Viga in different shapes and sizes. Beautifully crafted with soft round edges make them the perfect choice for little hands. This set consists of: 24 double-sided wooden blocks. 6 different shaped blocks including; triangles, squares and circles. This educational block set helps children develop strong hand-..
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Pretend play cleaning set by Viga is a colourful, kid-sized cleaning kitthat looks just like real cleaning tools. The set includes wooden broom, mop, dustpan, duster,brush, spray bottle and a handy tidy rack to hang all equipment. Kids will have great fun when they tidy up and clean with this traditional wooden toy. Pretend play tool helps..
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Multi-use curve board by Viga helps develop balance, stimulate vestibular system, and gain body awareness. The simple design inspires creative play in children while helping them reach key developmenal milestones. It can be a seesaw, racing car track, surfing board, rocking ship, a bed, bridge, a slide and so on. With the pull rope, chil..
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This workbench includs a hammer, a ruler, a screwdriver, a wrench, several screws, nuts, bolts, gears, and other creative parts for building. Suitable for children's early learning and play,and great for kids to learn to use various tools. This amazing tool bench by Viga will make them feel like a PRO! Kids can work on together for hours...
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This busy table will keep your toddlers engaged for many hours everyday! Includes wire beads, track maze, spinning gears, shape sorter, stacking game, and comes with a metal xylophone and a gong, so kids can learn about musical sounds and different musical instruments. Soft, muted colours promote a sense of calm, which helps keep the child f..
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Is your little one starting to explore the world on their own two feet? If so, introduce them to the versatile fun of the PolarB Mini Mover Walker - a toy that serves as both a storage wagon for toys and stuffed friends and a walker for newly-mobile children. Once your child perfects walking independently, the back wheels can easily be remov..
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A fishing experience where you are certain to catch something? Sounds like a perfect way to spend the afternoon. This magnetic fishing game includes a wooden pond board, 2 rods with magnetic tips and 12 fish with colours and numbers, plus a dice to add to the challenge! Roll the dice and catch the fish with that colour or number on it t..
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Is your little treasure ready to take his/her first steps? The Viga Animal Friends Baby Walker allows your baby to take their first steps with this handy and playful walking device. This multi-functional design can both push and pull along. The sturdy wooden construction offers support and helps with balance and stability. Secure non..
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The nesting & stacking rainbow block set features 5 different rainbow blocks, 11 kinds of animals and tree blocks. Colorful, arched building blocks offer different possibilities than conventional building blocks or planks. Every child love to stack or nest rainbow puzzles or use them as an open-ended toy. It can not only play stack game, ..
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This 90-piece toy train set by Viga comes with a huge range of accessories and play pieces to build an entertaining city and lovely animal residents. This wooden train set are equipped with different buildings, animals, vehicles and traffic signs etc, to simulate modern city scenes. Child can freely create different shapes of tracks and decor..
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This open sides wooden dollhouse comes with cute colors, which makes it an appealing option for girls. This beautiful fully painted and decorated dolls house offers 3 floors, a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, a bedroom, terrace and makes unforgettable impression. A perfect set to encourage imaginative role play with friends. Enable en..
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The large 5 in 1 activity play box offers a range of sensory experiences for little ones. There are 6 activities, including traffic theme bead toys, shape sorter, gear toys, abacus, slider games. There are four beads on the maze have two sides (fruits and characters) which could be played on two sides of the box. Top bead maze can be used ..
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In front is a colorful little theater with a blackboard and a red curtain. The bright colors will be very attractive. When children play it as a theater, the curtain can be rolled up and the topic of the story can be written on the blackboard. On the other side as a game store, they can also write the name and prices of the grocery on the b..
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A fantastic suspenseful wall-unpicking game, which offers great entertainment. Build the wall, decide who starts, then use a squirrel shaped stick take turns to push out one brick at a time Be careful! Don't knock pine cones off this wall. Suitable for 2 players Perfect for training kids' vision and touch, great game for parents and kid..
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A rattle might be the first toy for an infant. Encourages early motor skills while infants grasp, shake and roll around the rattle. The wooden rolling wheel encourages motor movement of babies who are ready to crawl or toddle after it. Perfect tool to stimulate babies' interest in sound. Colorful and cute shape with animla printing can..
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Mini Ice Cream Shop by Viga. This ice cream cart toys includes colorful ice cream cones, ice-lollies, lollipops and utensils for a realistic ice-cream. The ice cream ball can be matched at will: the ice cream scoop is attached with a magnet, which can attract the ice cream ball and put it on the cone. There is a drawer on the back of the i..
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Matching Shape & Colour by Viga. Includes 25 different blocks in 5 colors and 5 shapes,a double layer base. There are 5 different colors on the lower base and 5 different shapes on the upper panel. When rotating the upper panel,different shapes and color combinations appear. This toy is for learning basic shapes and colors, also for ..
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A great kid-sized kitchen play set Viga for kids with a great selection of cooking accessories to cook up some fun and prepare delicious meals for family or friends. The clock with moving hands on the top of the set shows a certain amount of realism. With this clock, children can learn to tell the time. The storage space under the sink is..
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Wooden Magnetic Game Clock from Viga is one of the leading toys that will serve a long time and will provide your child with many years of interesting and creative fun. The colorful Magnetic clock game pleases the eye and encourages to play. A magnetic stick on a string is attached to the board, with which the balls should be moved. The cloc..
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This is a fishing game table. It includes 1 game table, 4 fishing rods and 40 fish. There are four colors of fish, and each fish has a number on the back. Children can not only play fishing competitions, but also number games. It helps to improve children's hand-eye coordination, digital cognitive ability and motor skills...
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A wonderful wooden block set for young architects to design their own city skyline. The modern city blocks set is a good, open-ended toy that encourages creative games, helps kids understand different traffic signs. Comes with floor puzzle to make a city background, little architects can enjoy planning their very own city. Blocks in various..
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The two-level parking garage includs gas station, car wash service, lift and ramp, roof top landing pad, together with 3 cars and 1 helicopter. Car parking garage toy is a good, open-ended toy that encourages creative play, stimulates the imagination and develops hand-eye coordination. The car parking garage toy is sturdy and durable. Adu..
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An ideal toy for introducing little ones to the concept of weight & mathematics. Encouraging your children to weigh all the fruit & vegetables before adding to their cart will be a good chance to cultivate their good habits and promote social skills. Excellent for development of critical thinking, as well asextended role play sessions...
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