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It's a fast paced action game. Fun for Kids (6yr-old or above) & Adults. Develops children's diverse abilities. Enhances your child's hand-eye coordination, improves fine motor skills extending your child's focus...
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Table Foosball Table 6 in 1 by Sport1: Mini Soccer - Billiard - Ping Pong - Checkers - Chess - Backgammon 6-in-1 table football and billiards equipped with through rods, scoreboards and 2 balls, which can be transformed into the various table games available in a few moments. Ideal for challenges at home between friends and family, it w..
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No more waiting for nice weather - with WeyKick Minigolf, you can play the game indoors. The technique is the same as on a real course: with the help of a club, the ball must be putted in the holes with as few attempts as possible. For 1 – 5 players, playing field: 52 x 65 cm, massive wood quality, including: 1 golf club, 2 balls, 1 scoring..
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