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A creative kit by Djeco for making a matching purse and coin purse set in faux leather. Using a pencil, children rub the decals to transfer them to the purses: they can follow the suggestions provided or make up their own designs. Then they assemble each purse using the screw clasps and add the pompom, wrist strap, and pretty faux leather d..
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A creative kit by Djeco for decorating 4 tiaras. Children use the numbers on the tiaras to work out where to place the different stickers. When finished, the tiaras shine like diamonds and children can immerse themselves in the magic of a fairy-tale world! An activity to enjoy solo or with others. Set includes: 4 illustrated cardstock t..
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With Smartivity Weighing Machine your child can explore the world of mass and weight using things around the house. The toy also introduces children to different metric systems and how to inter-convert weight into different systems. Recommended Age: 8 years+ Dimensions: 34 x 34 cm...
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There is an entire world that is too small to be seen with the naked eye. Fortunately, man has invented microscopes to take a glimpse into this unseen universe. Using the fun and clear instruction booklet, you will be able to construct your very own microscope. Smartivity's microscope kit is useful for your young scientists to investiga..
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