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Come on! It’s Svoora O’ Clock! A fun and simple educational toy to help children obtain their first contact with the time, in a creative way! An 'analogue' clock with 2 pointers and 15 number tiles for the 'digital' time slots show children how to read the clock and answer to the 'what time is it?' popular question. The rotating cloud ma..
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A fun and simple game to learn to count from 1 to 3. To earn feathers, the child must count how many peacocks he sees on the card turned over and tap the correct answer card. 2 game modes: one “learning” mode to discover and understand the concept of counting alone or with an adult, and a second “speed game” for 2 players. Suitable for ..
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A simple, fun game by Djeco to help your little one learn to create pictures. They will get to put each element in their chosen order to develop their imagination and create some wacky animals. Contents: 1 wooden board, 24 plastic cards, 30 models (15 cards back and front). To reproduce the model, place the 3 types of transparent card cor..
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That's a new, simple but funny game. Numerix by Djeco, teaches numbers and quantities. The "challenge" card offers different depictions of quantity: numeral, pattern, array, fingers or drawings. Children must choose among the suggestions to find the one that matches the coloured box. They clip their answers and turn the card over to see..
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Choo, choo! Here comes the neato number-train by Haba! There’s space in the locomotive and wagons for just the right number of balls. Using the magnetic pen, children guide the balls from their parking space and load them onto the train. With this magnetic game, Neato number-train, children playfully become familiar with numbers 1 to 5...
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Let’s travel in space and learn while playing! Our wooden ‘Space’ calendar is here to learn you about the time, the days of the week, the months, the seasons, and the weather. All the words are written in both Greek and English, so to gain bilingual knowledge, while having fun! Made from plywood and beech wood with non-toxic paints. ..
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Magnetic Set with Numbers & Images, appropriate for the first contact of the child with the Arithmetic Science. Recognize the numbers & symbols and learn the basic numerical calculations of addition and subtraction, with the 20 double-sided magnetic flash cards. Through them, the child can recognize the written numbers, as well as an abunda..
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Wooden construction kit 'Watch' is a set of 10 wooden elements. From these cubes the child will be able to make interesting watch. Sych a great toy helps a babyto develop hand motility and color sensitivity to the environment. Recommended Age: 3 years+ Package Dimensions: 19 x 15 x 6 cm...
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Let's play with the letters and the numbers! 24 wooden blocks (4 x 4 x 4 cm each) made of durable and safe materials and colors will inspire you to combine, create and learn. An educational toy made to promote language, mathematical and fine-motor skills in a playful way!..
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Let’s learn English by playing with the words in a fancy alphabet, made from bass plywood! 50 flash cards and 26 wooden capital letters made of selected beech wood, will turn learning into fun by helping your early learner develop its recognition of the Latin alphabet and the Basic English vocabulary! Select a card, pick up the correct lett..
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This magnetic writing board contains a set of uppercase letters, a set of lowercase letters, a set of numbers(1-10), and a set of geometric shapes (10pcs) Write and trace the letters/numbers /shapes with the magnetic stylus pen following the arrow instructions, the beads will be moved to the surface. Designed with a storage slot to hold the ..
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Cook set of spatula, spoon, sauce pan with lid, frying pan w/egg, 2 seasoning jars and an oven glove is suitable for kitchen role play. A great kitchen play set for kids to cook up some fun and prepare delicious meals for family or friends. And the pink color will suit girls perfectly. Turn the knob of seasoning jars with a 'c lick' sound an..
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Let's play with the Greek alphabet and words! 50 flash cards and 24 wooden capital Greek letters will turn learning into fun! Combine the letters and write the words! You want to continue playing? The wooden letters can be used as building blocks promoting fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. When you are finished playing just p..
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Contents: 1 board, 30 challenge cards with solutions on the back, 40 counters (5 ducks, 9 fish, 4 butterflies, 8 frogs, 4 dragonflies, 2 spiders, 2 birds, 3 bees, 3 flies) and 9 answer cards. Game rules in 10 languages...
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Welcome to Letterland! This cheerful letter arranging game playfully introduces your child to the alphabetical world of letters and spelling. A great selection of motifs invites children to go on a lark with letters. Handy cardboard carrying case and magnetic pieces make this set ideal for travel. Recommended Age: 3 years+ Dimensi..
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This number puzzle board has well sanded edges and corners. It contains 10 numbers and relative number of characters under each number piece of this number puzzle. The pieces are painted in really vibrant colors: red, yellow, blue, green Three dimensional block shapes are easy for young children to grasp, recognize, and put back into the ..
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The wooden clock toy with 12 removable number blocks for teaching 1-12 hours which fit into matching slots on the clock. Great for counting, color recognition, and hand-eye coordination. Help kids in grasping how to read time, and understand the significance of punctuality at an early age...
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Learn math with this educational toy in a fun way. Made of solid wood beads and metal device in a sturdy structure. And the proper size and smooth surface of colorful beads are easy to grasp for little hands. It is an ideal colour recognition toy for all kids. While learning calculating and counting, children's hand-eye coordination wi..
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Learn math with this educational toy in a fun way. It is made of solid wood beads and metal device in a sturdy structure. And the proper size and smooth surface of colorful beads are easy to grasp for little hands. While learning calculating and counting, children's hand-eye coordination will also be improved...
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