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Multi Big is a large activity table by Djeco to play with jungle animals. The table’s 8 activities offer endless fun: The animals get on the boat, which your child pushes along the circuit, crossing the jungle wall. They spin and dance along the 3 spirals, and twirl around the wheel around the vines. They pass the marbles from one side of the j..
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Ze Stakaboom is a wooden construction game by Djeco to learn about the concept of balance. Recreate the structures shown on the cards, making sure to position the pieces facing the right direction! Watch out for pieces in the wrong place, or everything will come tumbling down! Your child can use the wooden base to start building. 20 models an..
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Yay! It's vacation time!!! But how will we take with us, all this stuff? Our vintage car is small and does not even fit half of it! But there is a way for everything! We'll load them on its roof! A balance game for 1 to 4 players. When it's your turn, you roll the dice and depending on the color you get you'll have to place ..
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Watch your race cars flip over one another as they come racing down! Make fast flip racetrack a part of your playroom race course. Which of the race cars do you think is the fastest? Race them all and record the results!..
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A set of 24 coloured blocks by Viga in different shapes and sizes. Beautifully crafted with soft round edges make them the perfect choice for little hands. This set consists of: 24 double-sided wooden blocks. 6 different shaped blocks including; triangles, squares and circles. This educational block set helps children develop strong hand-..
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Four wooden cubes by Djeco illustrated and engraved with different patterns, teaching children to link visual appearance with touch. Children assemble colours and patterns to build 6 animals. Contents: 4 engraved and illustrated wooden cubes. Chunky, easy-to-grasp blocks. Dimensions: 10 x10 x5 cm. Recommended Age: 2 years+..
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A wild animal-themed memory game. Children must memorise and then find all the animal pairs. Whoever finds the most pairs wins the game! The perfect educational game for children aged 2 and over - learn while having fun! Made from 100% FSC® certified wood. Contents: Memory game with 32 chunky wooden pieces that are easy to handle. ..
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A set of 24 magnetic wooden pieces by Djeco for children to create ordinary fancy-dress costumes with, or come up with much sillier combinations. Help the astronaut find their body and legs! Create 8 children in fancy dress, each with 3 pieces. Match body parts: head, body and legs. Play alone or with others! Play and make up storie..
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Discover Domino Wood by Djeco, an educational game for children from 2 years old including 28 wooden dominoes. A double-sided domino game on the theme of forest animals. The child assembles the animals or numbers to form a logical sequence. Very beautiful wooden pieces, with pretty animal illustrations on one side and domino dots on the ..
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Discover the Boitatou shape box by Djeco, a wooden awakening toy in the shape of a chick. Your child, from 18 months , will have fun fitting pieces of different shapes and colors into this original shape box. After sliding the 6 shapes (a star, a flower, a circle, a moon, a triangle and a square), your child will have fun opening the li..
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This busy table will keep your toddlers engaged for many hours everyday! Includes wire beads, track maze, spinning gears, shape sorter, stacking game, and comes with a metal xylophone and a gong, so kids can learn about musical sounds and different musical instruments. Soft, muted colours promote a sense of calm, which helps keep the child f..
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A fishing experience where you are certain to catch something? Sounds like a perfect way to spend the afternoon. This magnetic fishing game includes a wooden pond board, 2 rods with magnetic tips and 12 fish with colours and numbers, plus a dice to add to the challenge! Roll the dice and catch the fish with that colour or number on it t..
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A fun toy that reminds us of our youth: The wooden magnetic sketching board! Draw, erase, and draw again! With the metal magnetic shavings inside the board, you can create endless images and with a simple wipe of the eraser you can start from scratch. The 3 basic shape stamps and the 2 pens with different tips that are included, can help..
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