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They say, it seems impossible until it's done and this suits perfectly our wooden mind up puzzle 'the Escape'. An en-c-aging cage teaser that challenges your logic and imagination, as you try to find a way to remove the star from the cage...
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Challenge your mind with this wooden tangram-based brain teaser! Try to combine the pieces and solve the 100 riddles in the booklet included or get creative and design your own forms. It comes in a smartly designed practical packaging. Portable and fun!..
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Take a deep breath and make the ball fly! How long can you hold it there? The Floating Ball game is the best way to acquire a deep understanding of the Bernouli’s Principle. Through the Law of Pressure, the air is forced around the ball and gradually moves faster so to reach on the other side. After that, it decreases its pressure, ..
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The Magbol cube by anemi collection consists of 216 strong, metallic magnets, which you can shape in every way you can imagine. There are endless possibilities for 2 or 3 dimensional structures. The core is made of neodynamium an incredible strong magnet, which is covered with 3 layers of nickel. It is not suitable for children under th..
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Economy “roller-ball” Gyroscope with light
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Gyroscopes are based in the law of inactivity, the ball spins in the centre and accelerates as you rotate your wrist, as it spins faster the light come on and so does the fun. Professional tennis players use the gyroscope to invigorate their arm muscles and so can you, though a fun activity. You just have to pull the cord really fast after ..
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