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Yay! It's vacation time!!! But how will we take with us, all this stuff? Our vintage car is small and does not even fit half of it! But there is a way for everything! We'll load them on its roof! A balance game for 1 to 4 players. When it's your turn, you roll the dice and depending on the color you get you'll have to place ..
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Can all these delicious, colorful Svoordines fit in a can? Open a card and try to be the first to solve the puzzle, by placing in the right position the depicted elements οn your board can, and then filling the blank spaces with the rest! A puzzle game from 1 to 4 players, that develops the problem-solving skill and sharpens concentration a..
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Let's go for a picnic! Open the basket and place your food on the cloth. But be careful, the ants are hungry, and they are coming to eat your meal! Discover how your opponent has set up his/her picnic and send the ants to eat it first! A magnetic game for 2 players that develops your strategic thinking together with your appetite! I..
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A funny sound memory game players have to press the call of the animal on the card. An updated classic to develop children’s memory and listening skills. Stimulates children’s memory while training them to recognise animal noises. Press the button to mix up the sounds before each new game! 3 replaceable LR54 batteries included. FSC®..
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A counter-collecting game specially designed for little ones aged 2 ½ and over. To get closer to the little rabbits, players will need to harvest peas and carrots. But watch out for the fox on the prowl! Who will be the first to complete their board? An introduction to collecting games for toddlers. Teaches children how drawing a car..
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Sound the alarm! The siren has just started ringing in the fire station – a fire has been reported! Can you help the firemen get there in time to put out the fire and save the house? A cooperative game to teach players to play, win or lose together. A big, funny fire truck to handle. This board game has been nominated for the As d'or 2..
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If you give accurate descriptions and listen carefully, you will be able to find the cards the game master is describing on your board. A language and observation game to improve verbal expression and listening comprehension. A game from the "Cool School" collection: fun games for learning! Designed above all for playing, Little Market a..
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The Tower of Hanoi from our SvooRetro Collection is a mathematical puzzle that promotes strategic thinking and sequential reasoning. Through it, children become more observant, develop their concentration, and familiarize themselves with the sizes discrimination and problem-solving procedures. Exclusively made from beechwood with non-toxic c..
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The Mikado Game from our SvooRetro Collection, is the classic game of collecting the greatest number of sticks by picking them from a bundle of randomly distributed sticks, without changing the initial position of the rest. Through the game, children practice their hand-eye coordination, enhance their fine-motor skills & observation, while intr..
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The domino from our SvooRetro Collection is an all-time-classic entertainment for the whole family, by promoting socialization, strategic thinking and familiarization with the numbers and basic numerical calculations. The pieces can be also placed one behind the other so to offer a spectacular show when they collapse. The game comes in a ret..
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