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A wooden motorhome by Djeco for very young children (18 months and up) to play with. When they open the roof, children can see the beautifully decorated interior where the family of bears (mother, father and 2 children) live. They can play with the miniatures and have fun making up stories. Once playtime is over, the bears go back inside the ..
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This open sides wooden dollhouse comes with cute colors, which makes it an appealing option for girls. This beautiful fully painted and decorated dolls house offers 3 floors, a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, a bedroom, terrace and makes unforgettable impression. A perfect set to encourage imaginative role play with friends. Enable endless ..
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The tinyshop of Rosalie by Djeco and her inseparable companion Rosie is an adorable miniature living space. A flower stand and its figurine to place at the heart of fabulous stories, as well as a small table to place the bouquets. This flowery world imbued with sweetness and poetry offers a dollhouse decor and complements the Tinyly nomadic houses...
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A contemporary doll's house by Djeco in wood and plexi, on 3 floors with swimming pool on the rooftop. It is furnished and decorated with all the furniture and accessories provided. Inspired by the architecture of the modern movement, the City House was created with clean lines, large glass surfaces, colorful interiors. Possibility to complete the ..
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Meet Milou and her inseparable companion Loulou in their adorable miniature living space. Children will adore the mini vet room and the figurine as they immerse themselves into an imaginative story time. Contents: 1 shop scene with fixtures (cardboard) + 1 figurine + 1 companion + 2 accessories (plastic). The Tinyly range from Djeco features ado..
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Charlie's Tinyshop by Djeco and his inseparable companion Nut are a delightful miniature living space. A pastry shop and his character in the heart of a fabulous story and a small table to place the delicacies. This sweet world full of sweetness and poetry features a dollhouse decor and compliments the tiny nomad houses. Contents: 1 shop decor and..
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The world of Little Friends is already big and is growing all the time. It can get a bit chaotic at times! The storage box is perfect for restoring order to the scene. It has enough space to accommodate the Little Friends animals and dolls. What’s so special is that the ingenious design makes this a storage box and play set combined. Content: 1 st..
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Only the most contented horses live at the Happy Horse Riding Stable, because it has everything a rider and his or her mount could wish for: stables with a constant supply of fresh hay and delicious fruit, a dressage circuit and excellent facilities for grooming and cleaning. Horse and rider are really well catered for. Contents: 1 riding stable t..
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The Tower of the Castle of Wonders by Djeco whose richly decorated architecture will stage all your Arty Toys princesses. It has reception rooms, dressing room, dressing table, terrace and small alcoves. Each space is accessible, so many games and fabulous stories to be invented. Made from wood and plastic. Dolls and accessories shown are not ..
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Build this sturdy cardboard medieval castle by Djeco for a background to the adventure. The completed structure is very decorative and a snap to assemble. Get ready for adventure as you use this sturdy cardboard structure as a play scene. Designed by Steve Simpson Recommended Age: 4 years + Dimensions 30 x 45 x 38 cm..
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Baby Sasha includes a sweet little wooden cot and blanket. Djeco Doll's Houses, dolls and accessories are 1:16 scale. The doll measures approx 3cm long. Recommended Age: 4 years+..
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The two-story barn is stocked with six realistic wooden farm animals( a dog, cow, rooster, sheep, horse and duck), two fruit trees, a tractor, a farmer and two corrals. A toy set great for education purposes, creative play and school projects. It will help to improve children's concentration, develop and train their imagination and creativity th..
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Contents: Dollhouse and accessories (plastic and wood)..
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Haba Little Friends - Dollhouse Dream-house Haba Little Friends - Dollhouse Dream-house
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Dream-house is small and cozy. The two rooms can be furnished however one wants with a variety of furniture. And everything is soon ready for Lilli, Mali and their friends to move in. If the dolls need more space, the dollhouse can easily be expanded with the annex (300505). The printed plywood boards are easily joined together with the plastic sli..
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This super value Fire Station toy comes with a 2-storey fire house with an openable garage door. Will provide hours of role play fun for children. From firefighters to emergency fire truck and helicopter, from road blocks and fire hydrant to even a loyal firehouse dog, the perfect design is perfect for solo play or playtime with friends! Where..
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Figurine daddy and his dog Contents: Plastic and fabric doll / 1 dog Age : +4 Width pack : 11 cm Height pack : 15,5 cm Depth pack : 3,5 cm..
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This beautiful decoration kit you can use to decorate your dollhouse just as you like. The set includes: Pillows, rugs, felt, frame, mirror and stickers...
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