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Ball Truck Set


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The little dominoes on the domino steps fall down one after the other in the most beautiful rainbow colors. The dominos can either fall upwards or downwards, depending on the setup. It goes click-click down the domino stairs and speedily the second ball rushes around the curves before it pushes over the large dominoes. Great special effect: de..
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Dragon playing fun by Haba for Kullerbu fans of all ages. The balls race down the spectacular dragon volcano, spin around in the ball funnel and then continue along the track at top speed. Then they pass through the cool dragon tunnel with little bell and back to the volcano – where the ball adventure starts all over again. Content: 1 dragon ..
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1 tree-shaped natural wood ball slide toy in pastel colours for little ones aged 18 months plus. Children have fun running the two wooden balls down the coloured metal wires until they reach the foot of the tree The balls go around the tree, disappearing and reappearing on the other side. Contents: 1 tree (wood and metal) and 2 wooden balls. ..
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A car slider with 4 mini cars printed numbers in different colors. A great learning and educational toy that improves visual tracking, number and color recognition ability. Develops fine motor skills and stimulate imagination through hours of fun play. Additional slots to park the cars, easy to clean up. 233x260x82mm 18M+..
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High quality crafted building blocks, natural as well as brightly painted, offer little architects plenty of creative scope for their ideas! Build a fantastic marble run with this brilliantly colored 49-piece set. Watch the marbles spiral and hop down the track. There are ten different recommended set up drawings on the instruction are ordered..
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