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Fine Motor Toys


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Watch your race cars flip over one another as they come racing down! Make fast flip racetrack a part of your playroom race course. Which of the race cars do you think is the fastest? Race them all and record the results!..
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Discover the Boitatou shape box by Djeco, a wooden awakening toy in the shape of a chick. Your child, from 18 months , will have fun fitting pieces of different shapes and colors into this original shape box. After sliding the 6 shapes (a star, a flower, a circle, a moon, a triangle and a square), your child will have fun opening the li..
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This busy table will keep your toddlers engaged for many hours everyday! Includes wire beads, track maze, spinning gears, shape sorter, stacking game, and comes with a metal xylophone and a gong, so kids can learn about musical sounds and different musical instruments. Soft, muted colours promote a sense of calm, which helps keep the child f..
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Plastic box by Ludi with elastic sides enclosing 12 coloured balls that make a funny noise. Unusual manipulation toy. Develops logic, the ability to grasp things and fine motor skills. Skills acquired: Reflection - Dexterity - Touch - Discovery. Product dimensions : Size of box: 18 x 12 x 12 cm Size of balls: o 4.5 cm..
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1 tree-shaped natural wood ball slide toy in pastel colours for little ones aged 18 months plus. Children have fun running the two wooden balls down the coloured metal wires until they reach the foot of the tree The balls go around the tree, disappearing and reappearing on the other side. Contents: 1 tree (wood and metal) and 2 wooden bal..
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Load up the train with bright, colorful shapes and get learning with a rolling start. The 14 easy-to-grasp wooden blocks slot onto rods on the flatcars, providing a great opportunity to practice fine motor skills. The blocks are removable. Children can load up with various shapes and make possible combination with their imagination. The va..
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A car slider with 4 mini cars printed numbers in different colors. A great learning and educational toy that improves visual tracking, number and color recognition ability. Develops fine motor skills and stimulate imagination through hours of fun play. Additional slots to park the cars, easy to clean up. 233x260x82mm 18M+..
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With different obstacles on each bar, children have to think about how to take the blocks out and put them back in. Other then learning about 4 different shapes and many colors, the toy helps improve the children's ability to solve problems. It can inspire children's imagination as well as promote their physical and intellectual development...
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This toy consisting of 12 wooden parts of different colors intended for assembly. The height of the assembled Pyramid is 16 cm. Ideal for toddlers, since the details are large, but not heavy and convenient for the handle of a child. Develops fine motor skills, logical thinking, teaches a child forms, colors, sizes...
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Such a great toy Mini-bus 'Happy animals' consist of 7 details. It is possible to use like a simple construction and like a small and original car...
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This new stacking train from VIGA is made of high quality beech wood. Load up the train with bright, colorful shapes and get learning with a rolling start! The 14 easy-to -grasp wooden blocks slot onto rods on the flatcars, providing a great opportunity to practice fine motor skills. For even more play value: The blocks can also be used ..
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Toy combination in a single cute animal on the wall, comes with various functions and games. It's made of high quality and environmental friendly wood,sturdy structure which can be used for years. Children can not only play for fun but also learn a lot, such as basic ideas of colours, shapes, sounds, numbers and basic life skills. Children..
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A multifunctional wall toy with a nice image of an airplane, including wire beads, a rolling disc with sound, a block slider, a trace and track toy, a clock with moving hands and turning gears. The body is divided into 5 parts which is easy to disassemble, install and transport. There are different kinds of toy functions on each wooden board..
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