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Pretend play cleaning set by Viga is a colourful, kid-sized cleaning kitthat looks just like real cleaning tools. The set includes wooden broom, mop, dustpan, duster,brush, spray bottle and a handy tidy rack to hang all equipment. Kids will have great fun when they tidy up and clean with this traditional wooden toy. Pretend play tool helps..
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This workbench includs a hammer, a ruler, a screwdriver, a wrench, several screws, nuts, bolts, gears, and other creative parts for building. Suitable for children's early learning and play,and great for kids to learn to use various tools. This amazing tool bench by Viga will make them feel like a PRO! Kids can work on together for hours...
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In front is a colorful little theater with a blackboard and a red curtain. The bright colors will be very attractive. When children play it as a theater, the curtain can be rolled up and the topic of the story can be written on the blackboard. On the other side as a game store, they can also write the name and prices of the grocery on the b..
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Mini Ice Cream Shop by Viga. This ice cream cart toys includes colorful ice cream cones, ice-lollies, lollipops and utensils for a realistic ice-cream. The ice cream ball can be matched at will: the ice cream scoop is attached with a magnet, which can attract the ice cream ball and put it on the cone. There is a drawer on the back of the i..
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Lovely Djeco toolbox in wood for the little handyman/woman. It has a handle at and comes with the following tools:1 pliers, 1 hammer, 1 screwdriver, 1 saw, 1 drill. In addition, there is a mobile phone and some task cards in the toolbox, which can be set up on the toolbox lid so that the child can play that he gets calls about different work..
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The wooden make-up set by Djeco for a role-playing game for little showers contains make-up and perfume. Lipstick, powder puff with a mirror, eye shadows, nail polish and fragrance, all beautifully illustrated with motifs of birds and flowers. And everything has its place in an equally beautiful box. Recommended age: 3+ years Package ..
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Includes a scanner, one credit card, some coins and paper currency. Encourage beginning math and calculator skills while experiencing lots of imaginative role-play. Large buttons on the keypad are easy for little hands to press. Actual-size play coins and credit card will provide children a real life scene. Train early money skills, fin..
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Α quiver made of cylindrical cardboard covered with brown cotton fabric. It is decorated with white and black ethnic pattern and it can be placed on the shoulder. Best use for arrows with suction cup/ stopper. Suitable from 3 years old. Dimensions: 40 x5 cm...
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This cool wooden tool set comes with different basic tools with a workbench, which encourages for fine motor skill development. While playing, kids can not only learn and practice daily essential repair ability, but also improve hand-eye coordination. The realistic tools can motivate babys curiosity to develop their thinking ability, making t..
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This sturdy adjustable tool belt set features one pocket that holds the tools by holes made of an elastic band. While playing, kids can not only learn and practice daily essential repair ability, but also improve hand-eye coordination. The realistic tools can motivate babys curiosity to develop their thinking ability, making their ideas come ..
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This awesome 32 piece tool set includes a foldable tool box, a screwdriver, hammer, wrench, 3 gears, 6 hole connectors, 4 nails, 8 bolts and 8 nuts. It's a treasure trove for curious young builders. Encourages the creativity and hand-eye coordination skills of children It's easy for carrying, just fold, and go!..
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Made of high quality beech wood, this toy scale includes 1 stand, 2 load trays and 6 weights with 3 different sizes. The load trays can move on the scale arms to reach a balancing angle before loading the weights. Teaches understanding of weight and weight differences, learn the theory of balance through balancing the scale...
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Young girls will love this toy dressing table with plenty of accessories for imaginative fun to be just like mummy. Easy to assemble, the table measures 28.5 x 30 x 18cm and has 2 small drawers. The Flora dressing table is decorated with pretty felt flowers and includes lots of wooden accessories including a hairbrush, lipstick, nail varnish,..
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Includes everything needed for your little doctor, such as stethoscope, thermometer, medicine, little hammer, syringe and so on. A role-play toy not only improves social skills but also cultivate empathy in kids. Let the imagination run wild and enjoy hours of play with this complete pretend medical kit, designed to enhance critical thinking ..
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An ironing board made of high quality wood with sturdy construction. Put the clothes on the board and pretend to iron clothes for their dolls. Not only can it improve kids' motor skills, but also cultivate loving heart in them. The knob on the iron can be switched to increase realistic scene. A good role-play toy provides kids more scr..
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