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This busy table will keep your toddlers engaged for many hours everyday! Includes wire beads, track maze, spinning gears, shape sorter, stacking game, and comes with a metal xylophone and a gong, so kids can learn about musical sounds and different musical instruments. Soft, muted colours promote a sense of calm, which helps keep the child f..
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A fun toy that reminds us of our youth: The wooden magnetic sketching board! Draw, erase, and draw again! With the metal magnetic shavings inside the board, you can create endless images and with a simple wipe of the eraser you can start from scratch. The 3 basic shape stamps and the 2 pens with different tips that are included, can help..
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The large 5 in 1 activity play box offers a range of sensory experiences for little ones. There are 6 activities, including traffic theme bead toys, shape sorter, gear toys, abacus, slider games. There are four beads on the maze have two sides (fruits and characters) which could be played on two sides of the box. Top bead maze can be used ..
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The cow is black and white, the roof is red, the tree is green - every child knows that! This shuffleboard game teaches the very young to recognize and identify these colors. And to learn geometric figures, just turn the board over! Recommended Age: 12 months + Dimensions: 21.5 x 21.5 cm...
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Different shaped and colored wooden beads swoop and slide along the 4 roller-coaster wires. Move the beads along the track, develops hand-eye coordination, visual perception, color and shape recognition. Turn the gears to make the animals spinning together. Imaging playing with these animals in the amusement park brings kids extra fun. Al..
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It features 14 wooden beads in different shape that spin and slide. Move the beads along the track like rollercoasters. Learn basic count through counting the beads. A classic wooden toy that develops sensory skills, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, visual perception, color and shape recognition. 180x125x180mm 18M+..
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This is a set of mini beads maze, and it is a classic toy for fine motor development, and hand-eye coordination. The bright colours encourage an early colour recognition and can easily attract kids' attention for hours. Learn basic count through counting the beads. Develops sensory skills and visual perception...
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A multi-functional pull- along toy in the shape of a cute hedgehog. Its attractive image and bright colors makes people fall in love at the first sight; A combination of a counting frame, a wire beads toy, a track maze, a gear spinning toy, a matching toy and a baby walker; An excellent 6 in 1 pull-along activity toy encourage babies to walk ..
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A wonderful toy that lets children learn about numbers in a new way, perfect for playing with friends. Simply use the 2 included magnetic wand to move the colourful beads around to fill in the shapes of numbers. This educational puzzle helps children develop strong hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills...
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A happy family lives in the wooden house, the flowers spin all over the air and your child develops skill of hand- eye coordination, thanks to the pre-writing exercises. A playful all day long activity by anemi collection, that will excite your child. This toy is suitable for children from 3 up to 5 years old...
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