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A colorful wooden drum by Djeco, unique with its small size and beautifully illustrated with birds and horses. The child plays with a magic wand and hears full and relaxing sounds. An original and ideal instrument for little musicians. The tip of the wand is made of rubber. Dimensions item: 22 x 10 x 8.5 cm Dimensions packaging: 23..
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This adorable, multi-colored wormy has many brilliant balls in his belly! Move Wormy and the balls make fascinating sounds and sights. Children can experiment with the tilting angle, influencing how loud and fast the balls move. Absolutely captivating for hours of fun! Recommended Age: 2 years + Length: 27 cm...
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A lovely Boat that comes to travel you across the world of melodies. A 5-notes Xylophone that stimulates your first contact with the music. Made exclusively from Rubberwood with a storing case for the mallet and a handle so to be easily carried everywhere...
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Ready to become a musician? Get inspired by our fancy 12 Notes Metallophone. Grab the wooden mallets from the storing case, scratch them on the wooden guiro and start to play! The tuned color-coded bars help you learn the notes and the wooden base offers stability and better sound through the sound box. Put one of the 4 songs on the..
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A beautifully illustrated musical table made from wood and metal that children can use to experiment with different instruments: a drum, a xylophone, a cymbal and a maraca. The perfect present for introducing little ones aged 2 and over to the wonderful world of making music. A marvellous musical table with beautiful animal illustrations. ..
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Ready to make some noise? Grab the Colorful Wooden Rattle, shake it around and hear the sound. A classic toy made to encourage grasping and listening alertness while having fun. Available in 2 colors...
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Ready to get your music inspirations to an upper level? Our fancy & portable 8-note Radio Metallophone is here to make you feel like the coolest musician of the world! Detach the mallets – antennas and get to the right frequency. The tuned color-coded bars and the included partitures of 4 songs are here to teach you the notes and to help yo..
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Contents: 1 synthesizer (wood), case and keyboard (plastic), 1 score (card), and 1 little stand (wood)...
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Ready to make some noise? Grab the wooden rattle, shake it around and hear the sound. A classic toy made to encourage grasping and listening alertness while having fun...
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Let's have fun and make some noise with our big marching drum! Colorful, light-weight, with two drum sticks and a carry strap it is the perfect way to start exploring the magical world of music...
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Contents: 1 electronic piano (wood), 1 small stand (wood), plastic keyboard, and 1 score (card)...
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A fabulous fish-shaped xylophone designed for children with beautiful illustrations. The perfect gift for little musicians aged 18 months plus. A marvellous xylophone with beautiful illustrations. 4 notes to play using 2 wooden beaters. Helps children start to appreciate music, learn to recognise sounds and develop their sense of rhythm. ..
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Our 12-notes xylophone is perfect for your first contact with the music world! Made of durable materials, with song partitures included, easy to play and bright colored, it will inspire you to start creating your own melodies!..
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Explore the music world with our inspiring wooden piano. With 18 keys and vibrant colors, solid and easy to play, it is great for learning the basic tunes and for composing your first melodies. Aspiring little musicians get ready!..
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