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Memory and Combinations Games


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A game of logic by Djeco. Complete the famous Egyptian pyramids using 9 wooden hieroglyphic pieces. For one player. Solutions to the challenges are provided in the booklet. 3 increasing levels of difficulty. Develops patience and logic. A mystery-filled theme: ancient Egypt and hieroglyphics... FSC® certified paper and card. ..
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A wild animal-themed memory game. Children must memorise and then find all the animal pairs. Whoever finds the most pairs wins the game! The perfect educational game for children aged 2 and over - learn while having fun! Made from 100% FSC® certified wood. Contents: Memory game with 32 chunky wooden pieces that are easy to handle. ..
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Fun Djeco memory game with motif of cute animal in different colours. It consists of 32 bricks shaped like circles that are put to the children's memory test. The pieces are mixed and spread out with the motif facing down, and then the hunt for one's pair begins. The pieces come in a convenient box so it can be easily packed together and..
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The fish are on the lookout for hidden treasure. Help them make their way through the aquarium to find it! A logic game by Djeco with 30 challengers to overcome, for little ones to develop their patience and logic skills, and 3 different difficulties so they can play at their level. Contents: 2 ‘aquarium’ boards, 13 wooden tokens, 30 ‘challe..
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Who will be the fastest to build their octopus without getting their tentacles in a twist? Each octopus will, of course, have to have 8 tentacles, all of which must be connected to its head. But be careful not to get your tentacles in a twist in a rush! A game of strategy by Djeco for 2 players lasting about 15 minutes. Suitable From: 6..
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Three educational games - Dinosaurs The set of three educational games consists of bingo, memory and dominoes. All three games combine the same design, colorful illustrations of dinosaurs. All pieces are made of solid cardboard. The bingo for 4 players includes a roulette wheel for dialing the color of dinosaur eggs, which each playe..
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A bright adorable box that comes with four fun games with a woodland animal theme. Ludo Wood by Djeco is the perfect set for introducing children to four classic games updated by Djeco and specially designed for little ones aged 2 plus. Contents: 4 games: 1 magnetic fishing game, 1 memory game, 1 game of chance, 1 roll-and-move game (card, wo..
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This Loto Colours educational game by Djeco is an association game of images and colours for four players! To start, lay out all the cards upside down and have each player choose a board. The first player turns over a card and if the drawing on the card corresponds to one on their board they get to put it on top. If it does not match, i..
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CreaFaces by Djeco is a manipulative assembly game for little ones aged 2 and over. Using the template cards, children place the wooden pieces on the board to recreate the animals shown. They can also use the rabbit, dog, pig and chicken pieces to have fun. Dimensions Box 23 x 23 x 5 cm Recommended Age: 2 years +..
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This learning space and distance toy is made of high quality and environmentally friendly wood. It contains 20 blocks, a base pad with grooves and 5 instruction cards. Children can put these blocks into the grooves according to the cards or create whatever a layout they want. A very useful toy for kids to learn space and distance...
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Contents: 1 wooden pencil box and 18 wooden puzzle pieces...
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The Face-Mix puzzle contains 6 colourful characters, each consisting of 3 wooden pieces. On the lid of the box, children piece together the animal faces or mix them up as their imagination leads them. Store everything away easily in the handy house-shaped pencil box. Develops motor skills and shape and colour recognition. The cut-out ..
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Challenge your mind with this wooden tangram-based brain teaser! Try to combine the pieces and solve the 100 riddles in the booklet included or get creative and design your own forms. It comes in a smartly designed practical packaging. Portable and fun!..
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