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Wooden Blocks


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A set of 24 coloured blocks by Viga in different shapes and sizes. Beautifully crafted with soft round edges make them the perfect choice for little hands. This set consists of: 24 double-sided wooden blocks. 6 different shaped blocks including; triangles, squares and circles. This educational block set helps children develop strong hand-..
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The multicolored wooden blocks stimulate the imagination of young builders while training eye-hand coordination and developing fine motor skills. Square and rectangular blocks, cylindrical pillars, bridges and spires can be rearranged to create new buildings. Stacking the various shapes with their different colors keeps children well entert..
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Giraffes, lions, zebras and other exotic creatures are lining up for the big animal parade, and junior builders can play their part. The animals can be assembled and reassembled using the different-colored shapes. They can also be recombined to produce new hybrid species, which is always guaranteed to amuse and encourage creativity. Cont..
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The nesting & stacking rainbow block set features 5 different rainbow blocks, 11 kinds of animals and tree blocks. Colorful, arched building blocks offer different possibilities than conventional building blocks or planks. Every child love to stack or nest rainbow puzzles or use them as an open-ended toy. It can not only play stack game, ..
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HABA fun with sounds wooden discovery blocks with acoustic sounds. Prick up your ears! A lot of different sounds can be heard.  Squeaking, clacking, rattling, tinkering.. each cube awaits with a different acoustic effect. In this way, early perception and musicality are fostered. Little sound explorers will really enjoy themselves playi..
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Children can build many delightful towers with these colorful building blocks by Haba. The varying features – bell, window, rattle ball – are perfect for little explorers and stimulate all senses. Recommended Age: 1,5 year + Box Dimensions: 34 x 28 cm...
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