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A game to learn about and make feelings more accessible thanks to the expressive faces to be recreated on the board. Very simple game rules to make it easy for parents to set up the activity. Made of FSC® certified paper and card. Contents: 24 scene cards, 1 magnetic game board, 27 magnetic pieces and 6 reward tokens. Game rules in 10 lang..
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A 10-piece puzzle to start learning about sizes thanks to the animals of the savannah, to be placed in order: from the smallest to the largest A puzzle with a panoramic format of 85 cm where each piece has its place to teach your child to classify by size. The turtle is smaller than the monkey, the monkey is smaller than the zebra, which is ..
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A wooden crocodile that will devour the colored pawns. The child places the card, hiding the crocodile's belly. He then inserts the colored pawns following the instructions on the card blindly. A game from 3 years old to learn while having fun! Colored sequence cards + logical sequence cards to reproduce. The child should stay focused..
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The large 5 in 1 activity play box offers a range of sensory experiences for little ones. There are 6 activities, including traffic theme bead toys, shape sorter, gear toys, abacus, slider games. There are four beads on the maze have two sides (fruits and characters) which could be played on two sides of the box. Top bead maze can be used ..
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A simple and fun game to learn about numbers and quantities. The "challenge" card indicates items to be counted in the picture; the child counts and indicates the number on the abacus. To check if the number is right, flip over the card to see the solution. We love this product because; It’s an introductory number game with two kinds o..
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Djeco Pinstou is a game of counting and dexterity. The koala gives instructions on the picture card and the child places the right number of items on the board with the clip. The right answer is shown in a picture on the back of the card. A self-correcting game thanks to the visual answer on the back of the cards. The clip is an exc..
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A baby walker combined with various toys, including a farm animal track&trace, wire beads, a turnable windmill, a sun/moon turning plate on the front, and gears, track&trace blocks on the sides. The walker is a fantastic walk along toy with sturdy construction offering support to develop babies' confidence, helping with balance and stability as ..
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