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This is a fishing game table. It includes 1 game table, 4 fishing rods and 40 fish. There are four colors of fish, and each fish has a number on the back. Children can not only play fishing competitions, but also number games. It helps to improve children's hand-eye coordination, digital cognitive ability and motor skills...
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A set of 9 wooden spinning tops, 8 planets & 1 spaceship, 8 Info Cards & 24 Mission Cards that has multiple layers of educational & play value: 1. Ages 5+: Gain your first knowledge of our solar system (front view of Info Cards) 2. Ages 6+: Learn how to spin the Planet Tops 3a. Ages 8+: Learn more about the Planets (back view of Info Cards) ..
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The playset comes with 60 wooden marbles in six distinct and brilliant colors. It's an easy-learning game for anyone to play. Six kids can play together. An educational toy that can train kids logical thinking and hand-eye coordination. The smooth surface and proper size of the marbles are suitable for little one to grasp. The interesti..
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The classic wooden cross solitaire for a single player ! Made of beechwood in Germany...
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Delicious jelly and chocolate cake - players blow a ball to reach these treats. Get the ball in the right hole and win a cream meringue. A breath-taking test of skill for 1 - 4 players. With variant for hot headed players. Note: Trains lip and mouth motor control and helps with speech development...
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The sock monster has been in the cupboard! Who can find in this chaos the matching pairs of socks? Quickly and simultaneously the children rummage through the heap of socks searching for matching pairs. Be careful they all look so much alike! A monstrously quick searching game for 2 - 6 players. This game stimulates: Quick Reactions Det..
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Everybody knows that dragons are brave. Although they also need a good memory! They will prove their memory in the dragon competition around the bubbling volcano. A fiery memory competition for 2-4players...
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