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Size 5 neoprene beach volleyball ball. In soft neoprene. Waterproof. Rainbow coloring...
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This activity toy by Viga awakens the imagination, strengthens the muscles and promotes balance and body coordination. Ideal for garden and home use. The multi-use rainbow rocker is made of high-quality solid wood and is free of sharp edges, with max bearing weight of 50 kgs. It can be used as a slide, a boat, a bed, a rocking-chair, a tunnel..
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Savanna ball has cute safari animal-themed illustrations and measures 22 cm in diameter. Great for kicking or throwing outdoors. Use the valve to reinflate as needed. Contents: illustrated PVC ball (22 cm/9" diameter). Age : +2 Diameter product : 22 cm..
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Love boat ball is a small, prettily-illustrated ball measuring 12 cm in diameter. Perfect for little hands (ages 2 and up). Great for playing indoors or out. Use the valve to reinflate as needed. Contents: illustrated PVC ball (12 cm/4" diameter). Age : +2 Diameter product : 12 cm..
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Skipping Leo is an adorable and colourful leopard-shaped skipping rope. The length of the rope can be adjusted to children’s height for optimum practicability: just unscrew the head and redo the knots! Set includes 1 adjustable skipping rope (handles in painted FSC-certified wood). Handle length: 13 cm - Cord length: 2 metres. Ideal..
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Discover the Djeco Pattoons hunting game, a balancing game for children from 4 years old. The child climbs on 2 legs and moves forward trying to keep his balance: if he puts one foot down, it's lost! Can be played with several people in the race, the children time the time they take to complete a predefined course. The best time wins th..
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