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A set of 24 coloured blocks by Viga in different shapes and sizes. Beautifully crafted with soft round edges make them the perfect choice for little hands. This set consists of: 24 double-sided wooden blocks. 6 different shaped blocks including; triangles, squares and circles. This educational block set helps children develop strong hand-..
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Discover the Boitatou shape box by Djeco, a wooden awakening toy in the shape of a chick. Your child, from 18 months , will have fun fitting pieces of different shapes and colors into this original shape box. After sliding the 6 shapes (a star, a flower, a circle, a moon, a triangle and a square), your child will have fun opening the li..
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Contents: 1 train with 3 carriages, 9 wooden pieces and 4 coloured translucent domes...
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With this farm-themed arranging game by Haba, children learn about different shapes and colors via the medium of play. Slotting the pieces into the matching recesses on the board is fun and helps to develop fine motor skulls in a playful way. Materials: cardboard, beech. Dimensions of the board: 15 x 15 cm. Contents: 3 boards, 14 piece..
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Their first building set! Discover an original construction toy for toddlers by Ludi, that older children will enjoy too! This toy will capture the attention of the whole family and nurture every child’s curiosity! Inside the box you’ll find 20 pieces, called picotons. This funny-shaped, colourful toy can be stacked and fitted toget..
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Djeco Wooden Plug-In Puzzle . The puzzle consists of a wooden plate and 6 puzzle pieces. Your child can discover the most diverse vehicles, and explore the skies, as well as the country. The parts represent different vehicles and through the recesses they can be super grasped by small children's hands. With this toy, motor skills and th..
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Fun Djeco activity board in natural wood, with four animal in yellow, green, blue and orange. Three of the animals have felt ears. The Djeco activity board means that the child must get the right animal to stand in the right places. On the board, there are matching colours around the right holes and the animals have one, two, three and f..
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Toddlers will love building up and knocking down this set of nesting blocks with cute illustrations in the colours of the rainbow by Djeco. The blocks are made from thick cardboard and can be piled up and knock down as many times as you like! Children can stack the cubes vertically or horizontally, with cute images on all sides including nu..
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Toddlers will love building up and knocking down this set of beach-themed nesting blocks by Djeco. The 10 beach-themed nesting blocks are made from thick cardboard and can be piled up and knock down as many times as you like! Children stack the cubes so that the illustrations create a logical sequence, the 5 sides feature water sports, numbe..
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Cubes Viga Toys PolarB Sort and stack . Includes 5 stacking cubes to create a tall tower or nest together for easy storage. Comes with 4 geometric blocks made of solid wood, match the holes on one side of the cubes for shape sorting. The printing of numbers, parterns and animals helps babies’ early counting skills, number, color and animal..
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With different obstacles on each bar, children have to think about how to take the blocks out and put them back in. Other then learning about 4 different shapes and many colors, the toy helps improve the children's ability to solve problems. It can inspire children's imagination as well as promote their physical and intellectual development...
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This toy consisting of 12 wooden parts of different colors intended for assembly. The height of the assembled Pyramid is 16 cm. Ideal for toddlers, since the details are large, but not heavy and convenient for the handle of a child. Develops fine motor skills, logical thinking, teaches a child forms, colors, sizes...
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Cook set of spatula, spoon, sauce pan with lid, frying pan w/egg, 2 seasoning jars and an oven glove is suitable for kitchen role play. A great kitchen play set for kids to cook up some fun and prepare delicious meals for family or friends. And the pink color will suit girls perfectly. Turn the knob of seasoning jars with a 'c lick' sound an..
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This colorful wooden toy is designed with geometric blocks,large gears,washers and rings. Kids can play by stacking,matching,shape sorting and gear rotating. A classic wooden toy that develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, color and geometric shape recognition...
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This is a solid block puzzle with a base made of high quality beech wood and puzzles in different shapes and colors. Put the puzzles into the hole accordingly to complete various shapes using logical thinking. Improve shape,fraction and color recognition. Use these colourful blocks to encourage matching, counting, fine motor skills, colour re..
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A six-sided cube comes with 12 different geometric shapes, including triangle, rectangle, square, pentagon, circle, oval, trapezoid and so on. Fit the various wooden shapes into the matched holes. Open the cover and take out the shapes to play shape sorting again, which will provide kids endless fun hour. Encourage development of not only..
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10 sturdy paperboard nesting & stacking cubes filled with fun Colourful pictures adorn all five sides of each cube Find unique drawings of numbers, forest animals with their babies and more Largest block measures approximately 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 For ages 12 months and older10 cubes of colourful fun! These fun cubes will provide hours of stacking..
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