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Gift List

Planning a Baptism? Are you organizing a Baby Shower? Are you preparing the nursery for the coming baby or a special birthday party?

Now you can create a Gift List at!

Choose the items you wish to receive, inform your guests about your list and let them choose what you prefer from the wide variety of items!

The process is simple and easy!

With the Gift List, you have constant information about the gifts that have already been purchased by your guests, you can add or remove products from the list at any time. And when the process is complete, we will send you all your gifts together with a Gift Voucher of 10% of the value of the gifts, from us, for good measure!

For more information, you can call 2310 474 007.

How do I create a Gift List?

  1. Select Connect

  2. 1. If you're a new customer, create an account at Alternatively, log in with your e-mail and password.

  3. 2.Then, navigate to the gift list section and select "I want to open a gift list."

  4. 3.After completing all the necessary fields, enter the e-mail addresses of the recipients you wish to have access to the list you've created.

  5. 4.Select "Save List."

  6. 5.Go to "My Lists" to see all the lists you've created.

  7. 6.Finally, enter the products you wish to add to your list one by one and select the "Add to gift list" button, right next to the "Cart" button.