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Jumping dinosaur, a dynamic companion for everyone! Promotes balance, coordination and motor skills. Easy to inflate, ready to play! Skills developed: Motor skills, Nomadic Dive into adventure with our jumping dinosaur, a dynamic companion for all ages! Whether indoors or outdoors, this dinosaur encourages children's motor development ..
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Sitting comfortably on the back of this bouncing unicorn and holding on tight to its ears, your little rider will be all set for a mad gallop or a gentle walk. What could be better than a ride on the back of a unicorn to get the imagination going? Specially designed for little ones aged 10 months and over, this little unicorn works like a s..
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There pink game balls are ideal as a finishing touch to your play area or for making a ball pit. Good hand hold for babies (6.5 cm diameter). Comes with a purple pop-up carrying case. For children aged 10 months and up. 75 game balls in pink, purple, white and pink. Can be washed with lukewarm water and soap...
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