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A wooden rattle. A flower on one side, a lion’s face on the other. Babies turn the flower to watch the movement of the beads reflected in the mirror. The toy is transparent so babies can watch the beads moving. Easy to hold. A mirror effect for viewing the reflection of the balls. Rubberwood from sustainably-managed forests. Contents: 1 ra..
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Babies will enjoy holding this rattle ball by Djeco and while building their fine motor skills. It features adorable animal faces. Easy to grasp and full of colours, shapes, sounds and movement! This lightweight wood and plastic ball helps develop hand/eye co-ordination and will captivate little ones from an early age. Recommended Age: 3 month..
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A birth set by Djeco including a small rain stick and two wooden and silicone teething rings. Contents: 2 teething rings, a rattle. Leaf-shaped teething ring: the holes make it very easy to grip. Playing causes the ladybird to rotate. Dimensions: 30 x 14 x5 cm...
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Is baby getting bored and seeking attention in the back of the car? Not with this colorful playwrap by Haba! It can be easily attached anywhere, and its colorful attachments ensure great entertainment at all times. In no time at all, the cute racoon becomes baby’s very best friend. It includes rattle and mirror. Develops the sense of touch ..
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A cushion with various surprising features to inspect and be amazed by: it rustles, crackles and is so beautifully soft to the touch. Plus, there is also an animal playmate waiting to be discovered. Material:Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, Cotton, Polyester. Recommended Age: 6 months+ Dimensions: 5 x 21 x 27 cm...
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The Rainbow World crawling roller gives babies mobility. This air-filled crawling roller by Haba allows babies to roll it, crawl behind it and explore all sorts of things. They can see their own reflection in the large mirror foil and enjoy a variety of sound and tactile effects. There is so much to touch and discover, play and marvel at. The m..
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Plastic box by Ludi with elastic sides enclosing 12 coloured balls that make a funny noise. Unusual manipulation toy. Develops logic, the ability to grasp things and fine motor skills. Skills acquired: Reflection - Dexterity - Touch - Discovery. Product dimensions : Size of box: 18 x 12 x 12 cm Size of balls: o 4.5 cm..
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Check out this set of three colourful baby spinners toys by Ludi for any time fun. Rather like spinning tops or propellers, children of all ages just love playing with these little early learning toys! The basic principle is super simple: just flick the spinner and off it goes, spinning round and round thanks to the ball bearing inside. Once it’..
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Great bath toy kit by Ludi comprising one big, floating mirror (sticks to side of bath) and 4 sturdy, water-resistant yet erasable crayons. Skills acquired: Dexterity - Touch - Discovery All you need to let your child give free rein to their imagination and creativity with this bath toy kit! Check out the funny teddy bear mirror and its 4 sturdy..
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The Activity spiral by Ludi is an ideal ornament for car seats and pushchair arches! This lovely soft-touch activity spiral will attract your baby’s curiosity. Able to fit all stands, it coils around the bars of your baby’s crib or around the arch of the pushchair or car seat. No more lost or falling toys! Featuring several brightly-coloured ac..
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