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Shockproof carpet by Sport1 white background with colorful ocean animals print. Excellent as a base for numerous games to play at home, they protect against falls, cold floors and noise. Hand washable, 100% safe and comfortable for the little ones. Children learn by playing and doing it in the right place is even more important. Madmat mats ar..
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Forest animals themed folding rug by Sport1, suitable for crawling, for playing on the ground and for protecting the little one from the cold floor. Dimensions: 200 x 150 cm Recommended Age: 0 years +..
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Table Foosball Table 6 in 1 by Sport1: Mini Soccer - Billiard - Ping Pong - Checkers - Chess - Backgammon 6-in-1 table football and billiards equipped with through rods, scoreboards and 2 balls, which can be transformed into the various table games available in a few moments. Ideal for challenges at home between friends and family, it will sati..
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Darts target 38x43 cm complete with two sets of three darts, for ages 6 to 99..
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