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With Smartivity Weighing Machine your child can explore the world of mass and weight using things around the house. The toy also introduces children to different metric systems and how to inter-convert weight into different systems. Recommended Age: 8 years+ Dimensions: 34 x 34 cm...
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There is an entire world that is too small to be seen with the naked eye. Fortunately, man has invented microscopes to take a glimpse into this unseen universe. Using the fun and clear instruction booklet, you will be able to construct your very own microscope. Smartivity's microscope kit is useful for your young scientists to investiga..
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Smartivity’s Roller Coaster Marble Slide in a combination of a pool table and a roller coaster. A mix of slider game and pool table, this project is loads of fun to build and play. Follow the instructions in the manual to build the toy. Once built, a kid can raise marbles along the wheel, and release them. As the marble slides down t..
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Who doesn’t love dominoes, bowling, and Skeeball? Based on the principle of dominoes, once constructed, this game consists of 3 different modules - STRIKE DOWN GAME, SKEEBALL GAME, and BOWLING GAME - each is triggered by the colliding domino chain reaction set-up by you! That's not all, each module can also be played as an independent game!..
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This fun 2-in-1 STEM construction kit by Smartivity is the ideal gift for kids who love robots, cars, construction, and imaginative play. Build a wind-up car, then transform it into a projectile throwing robot! The STEMFormer combines clever STEM learning with the fun of transformer robot cars! The transforming DIY S.T.E.M project kit co..
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Get familiar with the concept of motion, elasticity and momentum faster than your car can race past the finish line. Smartivity's stem wheels educational learning toy lets you challenge your friends for a race to win the title of the master racer. Follow the instructions in the manual to build the car. Once built, load it into the launcher ..
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You’ve played pinball at the arcade. But, why wait to visit an arcade when you can make your own Pinball Machine! Smartivity Pinball Machine STEAM Educational Construction Toy kit contains all the parts needed and a step-by-step instructions to build a fully-functional Pinball Machine. Keep the ball in play, and beware of the poppers..
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Soar to the skies! Smartivity Hydraulic Plane Launcher uses the power of hydraulic pressure to launch paper planes… The kit includes all the elements needed to assemble a hydraulic pressure based plane launcher, foldable paper with markings to make different types of planes and an easy-to-understand instruction manual. Just fill the syr..
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Smartivity Pump It Move It Hydraulic Crane allows kids to build their own fully functional crane. Once built, the kids can manoeuvre the crane's movement around 2 axes, and lift objects with the claspable jaw, all operated through simple syringes filled with water. Follow the instructions in the booklet to build your toy. Fill the syring..
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Smartivity Mechanical Xylofun Music Machine helps kids create their own music. As they build the toy and use it to make new tunes, they understand the mechanics of music creation. They get to know how notes combine to become tunes, boosting their curiosity and creativity. The project includes all the elements required to build a music ma..
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Long before film cameras and digital filmmaking were invented, movies used to be made using moving slides. Retroscope was among the first moviemaking machines. It uses persistence of vision to create an illusion of moving images. This exciting S.T.E.M. learning based educational D.I.Y. toy kit by Smartivity introduces your child to the ..
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Smartivity Blast Off Space Rocket – Let the countdown begin… It’s time for blast off! Every child wants to be an astronaut and with Smartivity’s Blast Off Space Rocket S.T.E.M. Educational D.I.Y. Toy kit, your child can bring their imagination to life. This kit is based on the principles of elasticity, gravity, thrust and propulsion. ..
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