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Pop-up pool from 10 months by Ludi. Covered with an anti-UV tent to protect it from the sun, wind and sand (carrying bag + 4 ground fixings included). A swimming pool for the beach that brings its little grain of salt Suitable from birth, the pop-up pool tent is a real plus for families by the sea. Forming both a tent and a baby-scale..
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Plastic box by Ludi with elastic sides enclosing 12 coloured balls that make a funny noise. Unusual manipulation toy. Develops logic, the ability to grasp things and fine motor skills. Skills acquired: Reflection - Dexterity - Touch - Discovery. Product dimensions : Size of box: 18 x 12 x 12 cm Size of balls: o 4.5 cm..
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Check out this set of three colourful baby spinners toys by Ludi for any time fun. Rather like spinning tops or propellers, children of all ages just love playing with these little early learning toys! The basic principle is super simple: just flick the spinner and off it goes, spinning round and round thanks to the ball bearing inside. ..
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Great bath toy kit by Ludi comprising one big, floating mirror (sticks to side of bath) and 4 sturdy, water-resistant yet erasable crayons. Skills acquired: Dexterity - Touch - Discovery All you need to let your child give free rein to their imagination and creativity with this bath toy kit! Check out the funny teddy bear mirror and its 4 ..
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The Activity spiral by Ludi is an ideal ornament for car seats and pushchair arches! This lovely soft-touch activity spiral will attract your baby’s curiosity. Able to fit all stands, it coils around the bars of your baby’s crib or around the arch of the pushchair or car seat. No more lost or falling toys! Featuring several brightly-colou..
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Laughter and sensations guaranteed thanks to the “Jungle” sensory box! Suitable for children from 6 months, this "jungle" sensory box by Ludi offers a range of fun and colorful early learning games! The box is composed of a sensory ball with spikes, an inflated roller and a soft fabric ball. Everything to amuse baby and awaken his senses!..
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Their first building set! Discover an original construction toy for toddlers by Ludi, that older children will enjoy too! This toy will capture the attention of the whole family and nurture every child’s curiosity! Inside the box you’ll find 20 pieces, called picotons. This funny-shaped, colourful toy can be stacked and fitted toget..
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During their first few months, most babies spend a lot of their time lying on their backs. In no time at all, they start to enjoy being on their tummy – this position brings the muscles of the upper body into play and helps to develop physical abilities. Soon they learn to roll over, crawl and sit up. The “Red Indian” play gym by Ludi gi..
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Let imaginations soar with this charming hot air balloon and its two little adventurers! The magic of air travel is quickly at work when you discover the paper planes on the carpet and the toys hanging from the arches. Captivate baby’s curiosity with this multicoloured space, dedicated to early learning! The soft, comfy play gym by Ludi..
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The LUDI water play mat takes children straight to the very heart of the ocean! Through the mat’s three portholes, baby can marvel at the creatures that live in the different undersea worlds – shellfish, fish, a penguin, a crab, a starfish and a turtle. They will also come across a daring little diver, off on an adventure to get closer to t..
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For children aged 6 months and over, this Ludi 3-dimensional puzzle is sure to attract baby with its strange appearance and bright colours! The set contains 5 little sensory balls that not only have a different colour but feel different too. 5 little balls, easy for baby to grasp, that all fit into 1 big ball that keeps them all together. Ch..
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This set of 5 little finger puppets by Ludi is a great way of making the most of those spe-cial moments with your child, such as bathtime or bedtime. Little puppeteers will love bringing these safari animals to life and inventing amazing adventures for them! A great way to learn to talk while having fun! Puppets are a fun way of helping c..
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A must-have in the toy box! Both children and parents alike will enjoy these 4 little multicoloured buckets by Ludi. Illustrated with fun animals, this set of simple toys transforms bath time into a time for playing and sharing. It’s easy to grab these buckets by their handles because they’re designed for little hands. After a dip i..
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