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D Nenes

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Doll D'nenes (Carmen Gonzalez) Lean (34 cm). Original doll from the Spanish factory D'NENES (Carmen Gonzalez). The doll is completely vinyl, without anatomical sexual characteristics. There are folds all over the body, like a real child. All parts of the body are mobile. Red, short hair, freckles on the face. The doll is not scented. ..
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Berta London Square Special fashion doll to play with middle-aged girls, with a red cape-style coat, checkered dress and matching tights, long blonde hair that you can play brushing and make her hairstyles that you like best. Vinyl doll, 34 cm with all its accessories, long blond hair, and presented in an individual box that perfectly complem..
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Soft body Vinyl Baby Doll Monchi 34 cm..
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