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Lottie Young Inventor Doll Lottie Young Inventor Doll
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Includes lots of tools to inspire tomorrow’s engineers - hammer, screwdriver, wrench, scissors, torch & tool belt Includes Hard hat for even the most serious of science experiments Lottie stands on her own two feet! An Age-relatable doll #justlikeme..
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Includes a cute doll coat keeps Lottie warm while at home on snow day, or on antarctic expeditions Tactile fabric and hair - real clothes that can be worn by any Lottie doll Lottie stands on her own two feet! An Age-relatable doll #justlikeme..
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I’m learning to play the guitar! I go for a lesson each week and I’m really enjoying it. I found it a bit difficult at first, but my teacher says that practice makes perfect. I practice every day, I’m not perfect yet but Finn and Mia say I’m getting better all the time. I’ll definitely keep learning, I’ve been asked to play in the B..
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Lottie Loyal Companion Lottie Loyal Companion
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Cookie is my companion dog and my very best friend. I take her everywhere with me. I’m happiest when places are quiet so I always bring my headphones to keep out any loud noise. Cookie is the best dog ever! She always makes me feel better if I’m having a difficult day. We have so much fun together. Includes: • Astronaut Overalls • ..
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Swing Hook Metal Bracket for Round Pole O100mm. Price per piece..
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