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Multi Big is a large activity table by Djeco to play with jungle animals. The table’s 8 activities offer endless fun: The animals get on the boat, which your child pushes along the circuit, crossing the jungle wall. They spin and dance along the 3 spirals, and twirl around the wheel around the vines. They pass the marbles from one side of the j..
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Ze Stakaboom is a wooden construction game by Djeco to learn about the concept of balance. Recreate the structures shown on the cards, making sure to position the pieces facing the right direction! Watch out for pieces in the wrong place, or everything will come tumbling down! Your child can use the wooden base to start building. 20 models an..
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Caconimo is a nesting puzzle with sound that has five 3D farm animals and a wooden board. The child plays with the animals and learns their cry. Teaches children to recognise animal noises and the relationship between cause and effect. Each animal has a geometrically shaped base. The board has geometric shapes for easy piece recognitio..
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Yay! It's vacation time!!! But how will we take with us, all this stuff? Our vintage car is small and does not even fit half of it! But there is a way for everything! We'll load them on its roof! A balance game for 1 to 4 players. When it's your turn, you roll the dice and depending on the color you get you'll have to place ..
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Watch your race cars flip over one another as they come racing down! Make fast flip racetrack a part of your playroom race course. Which of the race cars do you think is the fastest? Race them all and record the results!..
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