Reward system

Our program « money save» is our way to say " thank you" to our customers. By becoming a registered user to, you automatically register in this savings program. All registered customers of automatically earn points which normally count as cash for

Every 20 credits you have earned we give you 1 € discount on a future order ! Best of all is that to earn these points is very easy! Here are ways you can start saving today!

The program money save sounds very good , but how can I earn ?

1 ) Buy great games !

 Earn points for every purchase! The Registered customers receive a point for every 1 € spent on products in This equates to a 5% return in each buy. No credits are given for transport or sales tax (VAT ).The credits are available for payment 30 days after shipment and expires 180 days from the day you have won them.

 2 ) Write Product Reviews that get approval !

 Earn 5 points for every product review and 2 more if includes photo! We are looking for reviews of products purchased by within the past year. The reviews should be 50 words or more and you need to give details about what you liked / did not like you or your child. With the approval and publication of your review, the points will be credited to your account! Easy!

3 ) You are the first to report bugs on our site !

 We are always available and we try to improve your shopping experience. Earn five points for finding new errors in (terms of operating errors and no spelling or syntax). Please make sure that you will include the following information to receive your points: Your name, the URL that contains the error, an explanation of the problem. Send to

How many points do I have?

If you would like to see how many points you have available for use, you can log in, in your account and click " My Points " which is located right on the menu. From there, you will be able to see the history of points you have earned or redeemed, and how many points you currently have available for use. Please note that credits from previous orders are available after 30 days from order. The credits relating to the approval of review is available only after we approve the review. Finally, the points of reference of an error on our site will be available soon once we have confirmed that the error or mistake is real.

How I spend my points?

The redeeming of your points is definitely the fun part of our program! Simply log into to your account before checkout and your points will automatically appear in your cart when you are ordering. There will choose whether and how many points you want to redeem.

NOTE: The program is offered in The reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time without cause or notice. Misuse of this program may result in suspension or cancellation of orders.

Digital Convergence

This enterprise has been financed to improve its operations, through the Operational Programme "Digital Convergence".

With the co-financing of Greece and the European Union "(European Regional Development Fund)"